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Decentralized Blockchain-based Cloud-Storage Networks

innoXchain makes decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage networks usable for companies!

The goal of innoXchain is to provide our customers the advantages of decentralized storage networks. innoXchain provides the additionally necessary adaptations and extensions for a professional use of cloud storage as a service for companies. This is intended to leverage further synergies for applications in the corporate environment. In addition, innoXchain ensures compliance with applicable privacy regulations through privacy-by-design.

What are decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage networks?

Decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage networks are marketplaces for cloud storage. They focus on providing previously unused global storage capacity. Via the network, any commercial hoster, but also private users, can offer their free storage. The blockchain provides the infrastructure to create smartcontracts between customers who want to rent storage and hosters. In most decentralized networks, the storage is paid for in a crypto currency.

Advantages of decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage networks

The biggest advantages of a decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage are the up to 90% lower storage and traffic costs compared to Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure. Due to decentralized redundant storage and distribution of data to many hosts, a high bandwidth is provided by multi-server downloads. Furthermore, a much higher availability of the data is possible compared to conventional cloud storage.


Massive cost advantages in cloud storage and IP traffic, up to 90% compared to current market leaders

Privacy & Security

Data is encrypted and distributed to many hosts. In addition, at least 3-fold redundant storage takes place.

Smart Contracts

The algorithm automatically concludes smart contracts between hosters and customers via the blockchain and distributes the data.

Availability and bandwidth

Up to 99.999999999% availability possible.

Very high bandwidths possible due to multiserver download.


Which know-how is necessary to use decentralized storage networks?

For professional corporate use, it is not possible to use decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage without IT knowledge and additional adaptation and expansion of existing IT systems. Payment for cloud storage is largely only possible in a crypto currency. In addition, compliance with the relevant privacy regulations for the use of the network is complex.

In summary, the following points must be ensured for use:

  • The use of decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage requires a high level of IT know-how for its introduction.

  • Without additional adaptation and expansion of the existing IT systems, a professional use of a decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage for companies is not possible.

  • Payment for cloud storage is usually only possible in crypto currencies.

  • There is no certified privacy at the moment.

  • Users must fully understand the implementation of the privacy regulations themselves and ensure for their cloud storage

Exactly this problem solves innoXchain!

Which areas of application currently make sense?

Decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage is useful for projects/applications that take full advantage of the network’s key benefits. Traffic-intensive applications with large amounts of data are particularly well suited for this purpose.

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