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Company profile and shareholders

Company profile

innoXchain® GmbH is a company focusing on cloud technologies and their integration into business processes and existing IT landscapes. This includes SaaS solutions (managed nextcloud hosting as Wolkesicher®) and in the future, IaaS solutions (cloud storage as an infrastructure component).

The employees of innoXchain® are experts in the application of blockchain technology (crypto currencies, technology and processes). They specialize in decentralized blockchain-based storage networks. In this area, the company can offer particularly cost-effective solutions for large transfer volumes.

A further expertise of innoXchain® is the area of privacy. In this area, the company works in partnership with the consulting and certification company for privacy and data security ePrivacy GmbH from Hamburg. Due to this partnership, the products can be consistently aligned to the legal framework and compliance requirements of our customers according to the privacy-by-design principle.

innoXchain GmbH


Dr. Christoph Schäfer

Dr. Christoph Schäfer
Founder and CEO

  • Doctor’s Degree in Engineering
  • Data Privacy Expert
  • Online Technology Evangelist with 23 years experience in development and architecture
  • Successfully launched the BMW ConnectedDrive Personalization (BMW’s iCloud) as Project Lead vehicle & backends
  • Loving everything with CPU and connectivity.
Christian Trey

Christian Trey
Founder and CEO

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Automotive Data Management & Processes Expert
  • Was process responsible for BMW’s official technical data process to prepare data from all company departments used e. g. for type approval
  • Over 15 years of Professional Experience
  • Loving Everything With Crypto, Finance and Data
Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer

  • Professor for Entrepreneurship, Media and Leadership at HSBA
  • 20 Years of Professional Experience in the Media and IT Industry
  • Founder and CEO of ePrivacy GmbH
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